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We love our bay. Over the past 4 years, we have developed a deep appreciation for our home in Duxbury Bay, MA. It's an appreciation that can only be felt by those of us who work there throughout the seasons. 

Duxbury Bay is the main ingredient that makes our oysters so special. Since Duxbury Bay is a smaller bay within Cape Cod Bay, we have massive 9 to 12 foot tides that flood the bay with nutrient-rich waters twice a day, feeding our oysters as the tide ebbs and flows. The water is just warm enough to provide plenty of food for the oysters, yet just cold enough to keep them plump all year long.

From spring through fall, the Standish Shore team is out on the water seven days a week. We are even on the water in the winter when the weather and ice allows. The care and effort that goes into growing our oysters truly makes them special. Click below to learn more about our process.


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